CBD oil 20ml – Full spectrum 20% – 4000mg CBD

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CBD oil, full spectrum, 20% CBD, <0,2% THC, Swiss quality, grown indoors

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CBD oil SWISS CBD POWER is oil from quality Swiss indoor farms. They contain a full spectrum of cannabidiol, which creates a synergetic complex and is more effective than pure CBD.

Despite a low percentage of THC less than <0,2%, oil is not psychoactive and acts naturally against anxiety.

Usage of SWISS CBD POWER oil is extensive:

  • For prevention 2-15 mg a day
  • Depression 5-15 mg a day
  • Strengthening immunity 2-15 mg a day
  • Multiple sclerosis 3-110 mg a day
  • Chronic pains 2.25 mg a day
  • Epilepsy 200-300 mg a day
  • Insomnia 5-15 mg a day

For best results, we recommend using CBD oil regularly and long term.

Results for pain and insomnia can be seen immediately, some results can be felt with a time lag. Since every organism is different and reacts differently, it is not possible to determent the exact time of achieving results.

It is needed to start with oil in a small dosage and gradually, approx 4- weeks, increase the dosage.

  • Tested in laboratories
  • Swiss quality
  • Grown indoors
  • CO2 treated


Do not recommend for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is not suitable for persons younger than 18. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cold, dry, and dark place.





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