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About us


We are a Slovak distributor of CBD oils. The quality of the product is very important to us, so the products are made exclusively from quality Swiss hemp grown in the Alps, without the use of pesticides and fungicides.

You will not find artificial flavors, sweeteners or food additives in our CBD oils. The resulting product is in organic quality.

The hemp from which CBD oil is made is organically grown, which undergoes a CO2 process. This process ensures the elimination of undesirable substances such as THC. This method of CBD production is one of the more technologically demanding processes, more expensive. Its advantage is that at the end of the process, the CO2 is completely evaporated and no particles remain after it, as in other CBD extraction methods.

The extraction result is then tested in laboratories to monitor the quality of the process and product.

CBD oils, which we bring to the market in Slovakia, contain hemp extracts of the entire spectrum. These oils are more effective and healing than oils with 0% THC. Our product meets European standards for THC content with a content of less than 0.2% THC. Although this is a negligible amount, the results of using such oils are significantly more favorable to human health.

It is necessary to study the dosage and proper use of oil in advance.

CBD oils are useful in relieving pain and have anti-inflammatory properties. Pain from PMS to severe cancer pain, migraine pain can be completely suppressed or significantly alleviated by Swiss CBD power oils.


They support the treatment of bacterial infections and inflammatory bowel diseases. They help alleviate depression.

We bring oils with a content from 5% to 40%. Unlike other manufacturers, we bring oils in 20ml packages to the market. Greater bleaching not only lasts longer for the consumer, but is also more cost-effective.

SWISS CBD POWER has decided to support people with disabilities and cooperates with the organization that employs these people. It provides them with employment and personality development.

In addition to supporting people with disabilities, we have decided to support sports and other areas where help is needed. You can find out where our help will be directed from our website or facebook and instagram profiles.